What they’ve said about Benny Maygarden:

One of New Orleans’ hottest roots acts… a top Crescent City vocalist/harmonica man with a one-two knockout punch… Benny’s not a new-to-town wannabe… muscular vocals are punctuated with top-shelf harp work… his repertoire draws on jump combo swing, vintage R & B, Louisiana Blues, Rockabilly, Swamp Pop, and superior originals…swings like a gate and drives like a fishtail Cadillac…” --Stoyan Babic, Chapel Hill, NC

Doesn’t take prisoners… stompin’ harmonica work… a frenzied pace from the word go and never lets up… what one would choose to hear on a rowdy night out…” --Option, Los Angeles

Eclectic and aggressive… tight, hard-driving… Maygarden’s originals have the ring of authenticity…” --Downbeat

Rocking roots… will ensure a sweaty good time for everyone…” --The Atlanta Constitution

Original material that doesn’t stray far from traditional blues themes, like women and whiskey… soaring harmonica…” --The Times-Picayune

Ballsy, down-home blues… no frills, no posturing… high-octane New Orleans R & B… Maygarden wields the majesty of the blues with the easy hand of a master… home-cooked blues the way the big boys do it…” -Rockaround, New Orleans

An example of today’s most interesting rock ‘n’ roll… Maygarden’s original songs sound comfortable next to the standards…” --The Washington Post

Maygarden can put feeling into a song without being too heavy or too insincere… one of New Orleans’ top blues bands…” --Throttle, Richmond, VA

Blues for crying and blues for dancing… Benny Maygarden’s good-humored vocals tell you his lover may have trashed him, but he’s not going to let it keep him from having a good time…” --Wavelength, New Orleans

No muddy, huff-and-wheeze rehash… hot harp volleys… cut off the tube, put on your baggy britches and two-tone fence climbers, and come shake it…” --Creative Loafing, Atlanta

Harmonica player and vocalist Ben Maygarden has logged a lifetime on stages near and far, rendering blues, rockabilly, and roots rock with a dedication born of his love and affinity for the music… a harmonica and voice workout knocking off classics and a batch of like-minded originals with unpretentiousness and ease…” --The Times-Picayune

Contact Benny: 504-388-5605; mail@bennymaygarden.net

Benny at 2011 NO Harm Show. Photo by Babs Gelder.